Hello there,

First of all we want to thank you for be here and check our blog. It is important to us to built a strong community of wonderful readers like you!

Our propose with this blog page is to sharing our adventures, but also inspire you to do the same. While you scroll through our blog you will see our best recommendations, travel itineraries and travel tips.

We are a wild young spirit couple from Portugal. We are girlfriend and boyfriend, best friends and travel companions.

Nothing makes us feel closer than being on the road together, whether it’s across the globe or a couple hours from home.

But first, let’s introduce ourselves and sharing our story!

Hello my name is Sara,

I’m 28 years old and I still believe in little girl dreams. I believe that with effort and dedication any dream can come true. I’m a person with big ambition and I never give until I achieve what I want.

Sometimes I’m not easy, I have a complicated temperament and I’m quite stubborn…but well, we can’t be perfect, right?!

I like rainy days on the couch watching Netflix but I loveeeeee the sun and the sea breeze!

My favorite hobbies are photography. I love taking pictures but also being photographed! Recording unique moments is my favorite thing to do! And finally, I’m a foodie person, so eating and cooking are mine main hobbies!!!!

I’m a traveler by heart and I hope we can inspire you to do the same!

Hello my name is Jorge,

I’m 26 yeards old.

I am a person that love new adventures and to challenge my self.

I’m a easy-going, calm and funny person that love new adventures, try new food and meet new people around the world.

I enjoy simple details of life, like watching the sunset, or sharing simple moments with friends or even, be a lazy guy and be all day in the couch.

I like to stroll around. Walk through unknown streets and filter every detail I see. I like to walk without a destination or a map. Sometimes getting lost in an unknown place is much more fun!

Our story began in 2011 in college. We both studied Hotel Management degree. First we built a strong friendship and you know, one thing let to another, and the first kiss happen in 2012. After that day, we never separated from each other again.

In 2015 we decided to take the same path as many younger Portuguese.

We immigrated to the neighboring country, Spain! Based in Barcelona, we were soon dazzled by her beauty and magic… And it was there, we began to make plans to know every corner of this world.

After 4 years, with a professional career in large hotel chains, we decided that it was time to achieve something that we had already planned for a long time.

That’s when we decided to pick up the passport, explore the globe and pursuit our own happiness.

That’s when the The Globetrotter Duo project started.

On March 2019 we travel to Asia with one way ticket flight. During 9 months we lived the most amazing adventures and met beautiful people, who now we can call them friends from the other side of the world.

After this great adventure, we decided to come back to Portugal to be with our family and friends for a season.

But in February 2020, we set out on a new adventure. We moved to a country where we had never been before and where culture is a little different from ours.

And now, we call Amsterdam our home.

We are looking forward to the times ahead and the experiences that we will live here.

So keeping following us on this page where we will show future memories but also those already lived.

See you out there, and remember, Safe and Happy Travels Everyone ✈