1st DAY

Chiang Mai it is a small city in the north of Thailand, you can go by train, bus or airplane. We went by airplane, since we had just 3 days to visit this city. The flight cost is between €20.00 / €40.00 per person from Bangkok.

From the airport to the city center takes about 10/15 min with a tuk-tuk (advice: jus pick those tuk-tuk where you can share with more people and the ride fee is about 20 baht (0.50€).

Before we traveled to Thailand, we search about places or sanctuaries were we can see, feed and play with elephants knowing that they are not being forced to do this work and that they are being well cared. We found this place, Maerim Elephant Sanctuary

We payed about €40.00 (1.800 baht) per person for a half day with elephants. This company pick-up in your hostel / hotel by early morning and delivery you until the park. 

You stay the whole morning playing, feeding, walking with elephants. It is an incredible and unique experience that we ever lived. 

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Temples in Chiang Mai

After this tour we get the perfect time to visit the city. Chiang Mai doesn’t have as many temples as Bangkok, but you still need more than 2 days just to see all the temples that the city has.

By night we went to the Night Bazaar. This place was so crazy, but so cozy at the same time, here you can find incredible food at a cheap price, and while you eat, you can enjoy the live music.

Night Bazaar


From your hotel or hostel you can ask for the different companies that make this tour to Chiang Rai. If you have more than 1 day you can do it by our own, however if you only have 1 day, we recommend the full day tour. 

The tour start early in the morning, and includes the transportation, lunch and the entrance for the White Temple. The price is more and less €45.00 per person. 

1st STOP – Hotsprings

We had only 30 minutes to explore this place, but honestly, there is no much to see. You have some local stores and the hotsprings in the middle. In this place you can see some villages boiled their food, so take a step and ask them to joined and prepare your breakfast. 

2nd STOP – White Temple

We arrived approximately at 10:00 am to the White Temple and is was super CROWED, so like we said before, if you have time to do it by your won, just do it. You can arrive early in the morning without the big mass of tourists over there, well, we guess…

It really is a magnificent work. Besides the big mass of tourists there, take you time to enjoy this masterpiece, take a note of each detail of this temple, it is something unique, speechless…

After the visit to the White Temple, the tour guide tells you were the lunch is (remember it’s included in the tour). After filling the stomach with that amazing Thai food, it’s time to explore a little more…

The next stop you can choose between the Long Neck Village or the boat trip to Laos. Take a note, this both stops are not included in the tour you have to pay an extra for that. Each on is 400 Baht, and if you decides to do the boat trip to Laos we have to pay as well an extra tax to enter the country. 

Our 3rd STOP was- Long Neck Village

Do not create big expectations in this place, it’s 100% prepare for tourism. You can see woman’s and some children with their long neck, they will explain to you the story behind this rings. They put their first ring at the age of 5, and each year they add one ring until their 21st anniversary.. You have a lot of story, but the village like we said before it’s fake…

4th STOP – Golden Triangle

This place is fascinating; here you can see 3 countries at the same time,Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, so close but at the same time so far. In this stop,you have the chance to do the boat trip to Laos. If you do not take the boattrip, we have time to explore around you, see some temples, local shops, eat delicious fruit…

About the boat trip to Laos, first you have to give your passports (original no copies) to the tour guide and then he will let you know what you have to do in the border and how much you have to pay. Once you cross the border, you have just 1 hour to “visit” Laos. Well, actually, visit only the local stores along the border. The only thing that you can enjoy in this tour is crossing the river. 

After everybody finish the tour is time to go back to Chiang Mai. You have like 4/6 hours journey to the hotel. When we arrived it was already late, so we just grab a snack, take a shower and went to bed! We were so tired… but if you have some energy, go out dinner at the Night Bazaar. 

Next day, we grabbed our backpacks, picked up a tuk tuk and went to theairport for the next destination…

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