In Chiang Mai, there is this place Maerim Elephant Sanctuary, where you have the opportunity to see, touch, play and feed the elephants.

We did the half day tour, the price per person is €40.00 (1.800 baht). The driver just pick you in your hostel/hotel and just drops you off at the sanctuary. 

It’s when the tour begins. Where you arrive to the sanctuary you have your tour guide that explains in all the rules you need to know, but as well the caretakers will tell you more about the elephants, the reason they are here and what they do to take care of them. 

You will start off by feeding the elephants with fruits, speacially with bananas… oh yeah, they just love bananas, its like gummies for them. And they will grab this out of your hand if you aren’t fast enought. 

You can do a walk with the elephants until the lake where there you will play with them. 

There you can watch how the elephants take a mud bath. This is speacially cute when you see the little baby jumping around the others in the mud. 

After this awesome activity you’ll get the chance to clean the elephants. Just jumpo into the water and hug them. For us, this was such an amazing experience because we become closer to such an impressive animal. 

The elephants in this sancturary are all either sick, old, disabled, abused or rescued. The Maerim Elephant Sanctuary is there to make the rest of the elephant’s life a better life. And we know that the people who work hard at this Sanctuary do their best to take perfect care of the elephants. 


After this intense activity, you can just relax in pool, while they are preparing all the ingredients for the show cooking. 

That’s right you will prepare your lunch, but before your tour guide will demonstrate how to make the perfect Phai Thai.. humm just yummy

Just relaxing in the pool
Yummy Phai Thai


Here you also can volunteer and help this Sanctuary by caring this elephants. 

More information can be fount at: Maerim Elephant Sanctuary – Volunteer

Or just check the http://www.elephantsworld.org

Maerim Elephant Sanctuary thank you so much for your
wonderful work!


It’s best to stay in Chiang Mai it self. 
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Happy travels 🙂 

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