Before we traveled to India we had researched the transportation network. In fact, India being a huge country has many public transportation options. Trusting in this enormity of services, we have decided to book our first train ticket days before the supposed date of travel. Unexpectedly we had an experience that will remain forever in our memories.

We were in Goa and our next destination would be Bundi in Rajasthan.

We researched that the only option would be to catch a train. For that reason 4 days before the day of travel we booked our train tickets with sleep beds. Everything seemed to be going well during the booking process, until the moment of the email of “confirmation” where we were in waiting list position nº 129/130.

“I’m sorry… WHAT?!”

That’s right, we had 36% to get the second/sleep bed class. We run to ask to the hotel reception to ask them what we should do. They told us to wait until the day of the departure, maybe with some lucky we’d have the tickets.

The day arrived and we wouldn’t have the beds and thus they would cancel the tickets (of course they later refund the money).

We didn’t give up.
Do you know that edge of hope you have when you really want something? Well, that hope was taken when they told us that the only option would be in the 3rd class.

Surrendered to the only option we entered the train with our tickets of 310 INR (approx € 4.00 for both), for a train ride of 27 hours.

When we got on the train it didn’t seem so bad, we had room to sit comfortably and space for our backpacks. The space was for 8 people in total.

After 1 hour’s travel we arrived at the next station and suddenly a bunch of people ran in the carriage.

The space that used to be for 8 people in total suddenly was for 15.

We were incredulous with the speed of the people arriving at the places and by the facility of adjusting in each corner available.

So in the next 6 hours we were restricted to a tight space, that we couldn’t even stretch our legs.

As time went by we no longer felt our buttocks or legs. With any position and we said to each other “It will it be like this the next 20 hours?” We didn’t want to believe what was happening to us.

But during the journey we exchanged words, smiles, and food with people who shared the same space as us.


Remember a Travel Insurance is VERY important!

At each stop the streets vendors entry to sell their specialties, samosas, masala chai, among other products… If you can not see them, you can hear them, they scream loudly for everyone to hear that they have arrived!! Btw, this happens until the end of the journey, so if you try to sleep forget!!

Speaking of that… Want to know if we sleep? Yes, bad, but we slept. A young man was very nice and gave the iron structure to lie down and we did it rotating. While Jorge was in the frame lying down, he slept, and then we exchanged in the middle of the night so Sara could lying down too. But Jorge took advantage of the floor to stretch a little bit!!

Can you spot Jorge? He is the one in the middle!!

After 27 hours we arrived to our destination.

We arrived super tired but know what else? We left the train super tired but after all we said “this experience will be always in our memories.”

“Our first train experience in India was in the 3rd class with no beds or space to stretch our legs for 27 hours sharing a small space with 15 people. It was hard, but it was incredible.”

Travel Tip: our journey to India was on April, this month is vacation season for everyone. So if you plan to travel to India, try to book in advance the train tickets.

Hope you like it our experience! If you have any crazy experience share with us!!

Safe and Happy Travels Everyone ✈




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    • Theglobe
      July 3, 2019 / 12:31 pm

      Excellent words!!! Thank you so much for your comment! That means a lot for us!! 🙂

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