Railay Beach is one of our favorite places in Thailand.

So beautiful, the people are nice and warmth, romantic beaches and relax atmosphere.

It’s a good alternative if you want avoid the crowds islands like Phi Phi or Phuket.
Once you arrive to Krabi, just picked up a shuttle until the port and you just can get there by boat due to big cliffs that surround railay beach. 

 We had a “nice” experience when we arrived to Railay Beach, the weather was a little bit foggy, so we didn’t care.. after getting into the boat, it started raining, but a LOT.. so much, that is impossible to imagine. We couldn’t see anything in front of us, it was so scary. But we arrived to the new destination safe and sound. 

All the boats arrive in Railay Beach West where you gonna find some nice resorts, bars and the best place for sunset.
The east part is more quiet, you can get there walking 10 min from the west side. 

On this side you will find amazing fish and sea food local restaurants, nice resorts and the traditional locals for Thai massages. 

We stayed at Railay Great View Resort, an amazing place with bungalows facing Andaman sea. The view from the rooms is absolutely stunning.

What to do in railay Beach? 

Phra Nang Beach is our favorite, with a 450m of length, its a iconic beach in all Thailand. (Check the photo and you understand why. ) 

The access is a bit hidden but it’s easy to get there, on the way you will find some monkeys and a lot of caves in the mountains.
West Beach is the main beach and best place for the sunset!!
Here you find the walking street with small shops and nice bars to enjoy local food and cold beer.

View Point and Lagoon:

Railay Beach is more than just relax by the beach. One of our favorite places is the view point and the lagoon.  The view point is about 15min and the lagoon +/- 45 min.

The access is advanced level so get ready to climb rocks, jump and use the few ropes that gonna help you to get there. Get ready as well to fight and escape the mosquitos and the bugs. 

Once you get there enjoy the beauty of nature, peace and the serenity of the place. 
The photo below speaks for itself.

Rock Climbing:
Railay is is amazing for people that love rock climbing. It’s appropriate for everyone, advanced level, beginners and kids as well. You can find many rock climbing schools and instructors that make the tour with you. If you are lucky you will find some monkeys climbing the rocks too 🙂 

We rent a kayak in Phra Nang Beach and it was a nice morning activity. Kaiaking under the enormous cliffs and explore tonsai Beach was a nice experience. 

We recommend 4 days to enjoy this beauty of the nature, and places to stay, just click here and explore 🙂 


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