This article will be dedicated to talk about an important topic.
A lot of people have already asked us if we have any travel insurance and to be honest with you, we never had any travel insurance until now !!

We were very lucky, because in all our trips we never had any serious problem, but never trusting,


After some research and also from people’s opinions, we have come to the conclusion that the best travel insurance for us is from IATI Seguros.
We had the best advice, although the site is in Portuguese, you also have option to Spanish and English.

There are thousands of insurers out there, but the insurer we most trust is



The best thing that can happen to you after paying for travel insurance is that you never have to use it. If it’s “lost money” in the end, it’s because you did not need it during the trip, which is very good news!
So let’s talk about the IATI who is an insurer thinking about you and so that YOUR trip will not be ruined by a bad chance of getting sick, of having an accident, of being robbed and of so many other circumstances.

Why IATI Seguros?

Since 1885 Iati Seguros protects what is important for its customers and is currently the most purchased online travel insurance in Spain.

Specialist in insurance for independent travelers – IATI Seguros has been specially developed for independent travelers, adventurers, backpackers and offers all the coverages so that you travel always safe and with tranquility wherever you go. They cover both short weekend trips and long-term trips for those planning the dream around the world, or a gap year, and multi-trip insurance for those who make multiple trips over the course of a year.
It covers all destinations and all types of travel and activities – it has insurances for all destinations, even for countries considered most dangerous. It covers the practice of various activities and sports, so don’t worry BE ADVENTUROUS, this insurance covers 50 different types of extreme sports and adventure. . πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It also covers cruise travel.
Low Budget? We have good news for you – IATI Seguros has several options with different levels of coverage and prices, but in all categories has the best prices on the market. Impeccable insurance, you will be able to make your trip without stress always with an amazing coverings!
It offers the most important coverages in travel insurance – medical assistance abroad, transportation of a relative in case you have to be hospitalized, theft and damage of equipment and luggage, unlimited repatriation. In addition to all the necessary coverages for that tranquil travel like flight delays, loss of passport or documents, location of lost luggage, etc.
Covers theft of equipment or damage caused by the transport operator – cameras and electronic equipment are insured up to 50% of the insured amount on all luggage.
For those who travel with computer, camera, GoPro, mobile phones it is worth it, have you ever imagined losing an entire investment? Do not risk!
You do not have to pay the famous insurance franchise – IATI Seguros assumes the expenses of assistance since the first € euro, without insurance franchise.
In your language – they have a 24h helpdesk with operators who speak your language. They accept reverse charge calls. Also you can claim a refund of charges on calls made.

Types of insurance IATI – choose the one that suits your trip

IATI BASIC – Travel insurance designed for short holidays of up to 30 days. 
IATI STANDARD – Insurance with intermediate coverage ideal for travel to European Union member states or Southeast Asia on travel for more than 30 days. This insurance does not include any type of physical activity or sport.
IATI STAR – The most comprehensive insurance coverage in the Portuguese market for countries such as the USA, Canada and Japan, where healthcare costs are very high. It offers coverage during the practice of various activities and sports.
IATI BACKPACKER – Designed for backpackers who like to meet challenging destinations and practice sports. Comprehensive insurance with ample and specialized coverage for more than 50 types of activities and adventure sports. It is important to consider that a simple bike ride is considered a sport, such as surfing for example. It also included activities such as diving up to 20m and trekking up to 5,000m. The ideal insurance for trips to destinations such as those I organize trips (Peru, Colombia, and all of Latin America), Asian countries and long journeys of more than 30 days.
IATI BLOGGERS AND GREAT TRAVELERS – For those who make long-term trips between 6 months and 1 year or several trips during the year. It also covers the practice of various sports with the possibility of extending coverage and include specialized activities.
IATI CANCELLATION – Iati also has a Cancellation Insurance. You can take out travel insurance with cancellation if you hire up to 7 days after the first booking of the trip, or if it is already 7 days after the first booking, you can take out the cancellation insurance separately.
This insurance guarantees, up to the contracted limit, the reimbursement of cancellation expenses that you can not recover directly from the travel agency (flights, hotels …), provided that the cancellation is made before the start of the trip and that the reason is one of the causes listed on the policy cover.

So if have any questions we are looking forward to answer them all! πŸ™‚

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Safe and Happy Travels Everyone ✈



  1. Anna
    January 8, 2019 / 1:00 pm

    Is this a paid ad? because if so i really can’t trust it.

    • Theglobe
      February 6, 2019 / 2:45 pm

      Dear Anna,
      First of all thank you so much for reading our blog post!
      No, this is not a paid ad, its like a partnership. We use this travel insurance and since we are so happy about it, we share our opinion and all the advantages about it!
      Through our link you have a 5% discount in your travel insurance.
      If you have any questions just let us know πŸ™‚

      Sara & Jorge

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