We arrived at one of the most romantic cities in Europe late, but even at nightfall, soon conquered our hearts… Already installed in the hostel, Sara looked like a child. She didn’t believe in that moment that she was in Venice, in the city she wanted to know so much and especially in the season of the famous Carnival … I was so happy for her, for us.

Early in the morning, after we had our breakfast on a sunny terrace and had a good coffee espresso, we set our feet on the way.

At first, even with a map, it is difficult to see where each street will go, especially when you have water channels around you, but eventually we realize that it is not that complicated.

The closer we got to Plaza de San Marcos, the more tourists I met … especially those large groups, who all want to take the same picture at the same time … Unfortunately at the time we were doing reconstructions, the square was difficult to see the surrounding architecture. A part of the basilica was also under reconstruction, but we were able to see at least a bit of the facade. We did not enter, the queue went around the block … More than 4 hours waiting, and since we had few days to visit Venice, we discarded this possibility of entering. We recommend that you buy the ticket online so you do not have to wait so long.


We had the joy of seeing, the traditional carnival costumes, in a couple who made their way through the gondola. Sara was soon taking pictures I felt like I had traveled in time.

Our lunch took place on the Grand Canal in Venice, overlooking the famous Rialto Bridge.

We spent the rest of our day enjoying the Orthodox architecture scattered through the streets of Venice, and all those Gondolas as a backdrop.

The tours at Gondolas are not expensive, if you are a group of 6, the price for the group is € 60.00 an hour. For couples, this price would be a little bit high, but if you have some lucky and negotiate well you can get more or less at € 35.00 per couple.

Apart from Venice, we recommend visiting the islands of Murano and Burano, they are charming! You can catch the public boat at the Ferry Terminal S. Zaccaria, if I remember correctly, there was every 30 minutes, and the price of a trip was € 2.80 per person …

Burano has nothing to do with the hubbub of downtown Venezia. It almost gave the feeling that it was a desert island … Its beauty is described by the images …

Venice surrounded by water canals .. it really is the city of mirrors. We just loved this city.

After Venice we jumped on Bologna. The train network in Italy is very complete and easy to reach, in about 2 hours we arrive in Bologna.

Bologna it’s, like Mario Batali says “the best city in Italy for food and has the least number of tourists. With its medieval beauty, it has it all.”

Besides to all its architecture and history, it is a city full of young spirit. The food, as the old saying goes “it’s to eat and cry for more”.

Jorge, trip in January 2016


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